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NT06: Seventh International Conference
on the Science and Application of Nanotubes

Hotel Metropolitan Nagano
(Nagano, Japan)

June 18 - 23, 2006

Japanese Site: http://endomoribu.shinshu-u.ac.jp/nt06/
MSU Mirror Site: http://nanotube.msu.edu/nt06/

NT06 Program

Scientific Program

 June 18 (Sun.)June 19 (Mon.)June 20 (Tue.)June 21 (Wed.)June 22 (Thu.)June 23 (Fri.)
08:30-09:00  Opening Ceremony
09:00-09:45Keynote lecture 1:
H. Shinohara
Keynote lecture 2:
K. Suenaga
Keynote lecture 3:
P.C. Eklund
Keynote lecture 4:
P. Kim
Keynote lecture 5:
P. Avouris
09:45-10:15Invited talk 1:
K. Hata
Invited talk 4:
A. Hartschuh
Invited talk 7:
M. Strano
Invited talk 10:
C. Schönenberger
Invited talk 13:
T. Ando
Nanotube Tutorial I (10:00-12:30)
10:15-10:40Introduction to contributions A:
A. Windle
Introduction to contributions C:
S. Arepalli
Coffee break (30 min.)Introduction to contributions E:
J. Fischer
Introduction to contributions G:
M.S. Dresselhaus
10:40-12:30Poster session A (with coffee)Poster session C (with coffee)Intro to Bio-Impact:
M. Takemura
Poster session E (with coffee)Poster session G (with coffee)
Invited talk 8:
V. Castranova
Invited talk 9:
A. Bianco
12:30-14:00Lunch (90 min.) Lunch (90 min.)Lunch (90 min.) Excursion (12:35-18:00)Lunch (90 min.)Lunch (90 min.)
CCTN'06 Satellite Symposium (12:50-18:00)
14:00-14:30Nanotube Tutorial II (14:00-17:00)Invited talk 2:
E. Joselevich
Invited talk 5:
R. Capaz
Lunch (60 min.)Invited talk 11:
E. Campbell
Contributed talk 7:
K. Murata
14:30-15:00Invited talk 3:
Y. Nakayama
Invited talk 6:
A. Jorio
Excursion (12:35-18:00)Invited talk 12:
K. Atkinson
Contributed talk 8:
S. Arepalli
15:00-15:30Contributed talk 1:
S. Maruyama
Contributed talk 3:
M. Kaempgen
Contributed talk 5:
R. Saito
Invited talk 14:
L. Dai
15:30-16:00Contributed talk 2:
S. Zhang
Contributed talk 4:
T. Enoki
Contributed talk 6:
A. C. Ferrari
Invited talk 15:
J. Haruyama
16:00-16:30Coffee break (30 min.)Coffee break (30 min.)Coffee break (30 min.)Coffee break (30 min.)
16:30-16:55Introduction to contributions B:
T. Hayashi
Introduction to contributions D:
T. Heinz
Introduction to contributions F:
S. Roche
[1] Concluding Remarks
[2] Announcement of NT07 conference
[3] Closing Ceremony

Poster session B (with snacks)

Poster session D (with snacks)Poster session F (with snacks) 
Registration (17:00-20:30)
18:00-20:30Welcoming Reception (18:00-20:30)Conference Banquet (18:30-21:00)
  • NT'06 program grid is posted HERE.
  • Abstracts accepted for presentation at NT'06 can be searched HERE.
  • NT06 poster information can be found HERE.
  • NT'06 abstract booklet can be downloaded HERE (pdf file -- 4 MB).
  • NT'06 Virtual Conference

Chronological Program

(Click on presenter name to retrieve presentation)

Satellite Meetings and Tutorials

Excursion Program

Program of the NT06 excursion on Wednesday, June 21, is posted HERE.