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NT06: Seventh International Conference
on the Science and Application of Nanotubes

Hotel Metropolitan Nagano
(Nagano, Japan)

June 18 - 23, 2006

Japanese Site: http://endomoribu.shinshu-u.ac.jp/nt06/
MSU Mirror Site: http://nanotube.msu.edu/nt06/

Travel Page

Geographic Location of Nagano City

The NT'06 Conference Venue is Nagano City, situated in the Japanese mountains at 418 m above sea level, at 36.67°N/138.19°E.

How to Reach the NT'06 Conference Venue:

  • Take Route A from Tokyo (Narita) International Airport (NRT) or Tokyo (Haneda) Airport (HND).
  • Take Route B from Nagoya (Chubu) International Airport (NGO) or Osaka (Kansai) International Airport (KIX).

Route A:

  • Directly from Terminal 1 or 2 of Tokyo (Narita) International Airport, take the Narita Express train to Tokyo Station (1 hour).
  • From Tokyo Station, take the Nagano Shinkansen express to Nagano City (1.5 hours).

(For Route A, temporary visitors to Japan can save significantly on Japan Railway (JR) train travel by purchasing a flexible 4-day JR East Pass for unlimited travel during any 4 days within one month, at a cost of 20,000 Yen. This is less expensive than the combined Narita Express and Nagano Shinkansen round trip ticket. You can either buy the JR pass directly at Narita Airport, or purchase it outside Japan and exchange it for the pass at Narita Airport. The actual pass covers a large portion of the main Honshu island, including many points of interest, and comes handy even in the Greater Tokyo area.)

Route B:

  • From Nagoya (Chubu) International Airport (NGO) first take a bus or a train to Nagoya JR Station.
  • From Osaka (Kansai) International Airport (KIX) first take a bus or a train to Shinosaka JR Station.
  • From Shinosaka JR Station take the Toukaidou Shinkansen to Nagoya JR Station.
  • From Nagoya JR Station take the Chuo Line to Nagano City (3 hours).

Local Map of Nagano City:

The NT'06 conference will take place in the Hotel Metropolitan Nagano, which is located about 100 meters from the main (Zenkoji) exit of the Nagano Japan Railway (JR) Station.