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The Nanotube Conference Series

Since their conception in 1999, the Nanotube Conferences attempt to provide an informal setting to exchange the most current information in the rapidly evolving Nanotube research field.

During the initial years, the number of registered participants exceeded the planned capacity by a factor of two. This was manageable at NT99 in East Lansing, with 120 instead of the planned 60 participants. The following conference, NT01, was planned to accommodate 140 participants at a beautiful location in Potsdam. The large number of applications, close to 300, turned from a blessing to a headache for the organizers. Only half of the applicants could be admitted due to the hard limit, imposed by the hotel capacity at the somewhat remote location. The strong interest in the topic and the conference format held on at NT02 at Boston College. Since then, the number of participants has increased gradually, reaching approximately 900 at NT09 in Beijing.

To reflect the international nature of the research field, the NT03 conference was held at Seoul National University in Korea. By that time, the Asia-Europe-Americas "continent swapping mode" emerged as a pattern. The NT04 conference was held in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The NT05 conference has been brought back to Europe. NT06 took place in Japan, NT07 in Brazil, NT08 in France, NT09 in China, NT10 in Canada, NT11 in the U.K., NT12 in Australia, NT13 in Finland, NT14 in the USA, NT15 in Japan, NT16 in Austria, NT17 in Brazil, and NT18 in China.

The second series of NT conferences in a new format has started with NT19 in Germany and continues with NT20 in the USA.

Common to all conferences is a venue located close to a strong center of Nanotube research activity, and a local organization team active in Nanotube research. Contributions, presented in oral "Poster+" and Poster sessions, have traditionally been treated with a high priority, taking up about half of the total conference time, with no parallel sessions. Other features common to the conferences include an emphasis on quality, originality, and informality. Many of these desirable commonalities have been captured in the "Charter of the Nanotube Conference Series".

Locations of Nanotube Conferences:

First Series:
Single-session conference in the format defined by the NT Conference Charter
NT99 Logo NT99
East Lansing, USA
NT01 Logo NT01
Potsdam, Germany
NT02 Logo NT02
Boston, USA
NT03 Logo NT03
Seoul, Korea
NT04 Logo NT04
San Luis Potosi, Mexico
NT04 Logo NT05
Göteborg, Sweden
NT06 Logo NT06
Nagano, Japan
NT07 Logo NT07
Ouro Preto, Brazil
NT08 Logo NT08
Montpellier, France
NT06 Logo NT09
Beijing, China
NT10 Logo NT10
Montreal, Canada
NT11 Logo NT11
Cambridge, U.K.
NT12 Logo NT12
Brisbane, Australia
NT13 Logo NT13
Espoo, Finland
NT14 Logo NT14
Los Angeles, USA
NT15 Logo NT15
Nagoya, Japan
NT16 Logo NT16
Vienna, Austria
NT17 Logo NT17
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
NT18 Logo NT18
Beijing, China

Second Series:
Conventional multi-session conference not subject to the NT Conference Charter
NT18 Logo NT19
Würzburg, Germany
NT20 Logo NT20
Houston, TX, USA