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NT09: Tenth International Conference on
the Science and Application of Nanotubes

Beijing, China
June 21-26, 2009
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NT09 Exhibitor Page

Companies and organizations have the opportunity to exhibit at NT09 in Beijing, in two ways, as exhibitor or sponsor, as follows:


NT09 welcomes offers of sponsorship of the conference or travel/conference cost of foreign graduate students. For additional information, please contact the organizers at

The Sponsorship package includes:

  • 1(one) booth of 9m with basic setup (see the map of the booths)
  • Divulgation of the company's logo at the event's website, at the welcoming banner during the conference and in the event's annals.


The Exhibitor's package includes:

  • Acquisition of 1(one) 6m or 9m booth with basic setup.

We request that interest in sponsoring or acquiring a booth be communicated to the organizers at

The basic setup of the booths consists of:

FLOOR - The booth floor will be covered by a standard gray nylon carpet.

DIVISORY WALLS - Consisting of white laminated TS formic panels on both sides. The panels will be framed in natural anodized aluminum frames of the octogonal NKN system.

BEAMS - For the sustentation of the divisories, spot lights installation and the fixation of the companies identification sign will be assembled on the upper part of the booth beams with frontal aluminum frames being mounted with double frames. The beam assembly height will be 2,20m.

COMPANY'S IDENTIFICATION SIGN - For each basic booth will be installed an semi-curve identification sign measuring 2,18m (horizontal direction) by 30cm of height, made with white laminated TS formic panel. The exhibitor's name will be reproduced with adhesive letters in Helvetica, black, capital letter and 10cm of height. Maximum of foreseen letters: 20 characters.

ILLUMINATION - It will be made through fluorescent luminary HO/70 watts, installed at the beam (day light lamp 2,20m).

SOCKET - For each booth will be installed 1(one) basic 220 volt socket with capacity for 250 watts, without grounded-phase.

ENERGY DISTRIBUTION - According to the developed project, energy distribution services will be made in all the booths assembled with cables of 10m/m and wire 2 m/m in 3 phases and neutral.

FOLDER SHELF - Each booth will be supplied by 2(two) folder shelves that admit little weight. The shelves are made of TS formic and shaped with aluminum frames, 30cm depth by 95cm width, being mounted on regulated supports in height, installed on the divisories frames.

FURNITURE - Each booth will be supplied with 3(three) black upholstered chairs and 1(one) rounded table with a fum glass top.