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NT09: Tenth International Conference on
the Science and Application of Nanotubes

Beijing, China
June 21-26, 2009
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Location and Directions to the NT09 Conference

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Conference Venue

The NT09 Conference will take place on the campus of Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

Directions to the NT09 Conference

Most participants will arrive by air at the Beijing International airport (BJS).

Beijing has an extensive public transportation network. Subway and City Rail with high speed trains running at intervals of 3 to 5 minutes are the fastest public transportation in the city. Public buses are the cheapest means of transportation that covers the entire city.

  • The starting fare of public buses is 1 CNY in the city and 2 CNY in suburb areas.
  • Beijing Subway fare is 2 CNY on different lines.
  • In addition to the buses, subways and city light rails, the taxis are also available in Beijing. The cheapest price for a taxi ride is 10 yuan for the first 3 km distance and the price after 3-km ride is 2 CNY/km (5:00 AM-10:59 PM). The cheapest price for a taxi ride is 11 yuan and the price after the 3-km taxi ride is 2.4 CNY/km (11:00 PM-4:59 AM). Please remember to keep your taxi ticket in case that you forget any things on the taxi. The ticket is helpful to find the taxi drivers.

Route Map

(1). Transport from the Airport to Tsinghua University, Hotels, or Nearby Locations

Beijing Capital International Airport is in the northeast of Beijing. The distance from Beijing Capital International Airport to Tsinghua University and your accommodated hotels is about 32 km. You can take a taxi, the airport shuttle bus, or subway to Tsinghua University and the hotels. We recommend transport by taxi (easiest way) or by airport shuttle bus (easier and cheaper).

a. By Taxi

The taxi ride takes about 40 minutes. The taxi fare is around 100 CNY (5:00 a.m.-10:59 p.m.) and 150 CNY (11:00 p.m.-4:59 a.m.).

b. By Airport Shuttle Bus

The bus ride takes about 50 minutes and costs 16 CNY. Take the Airport Bus to the "Zhong-guan-cun" terminal. The bus operates between 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. every day at 30 minute intervals. From the terminal station, a taxi ride costs around 10 CNY.

c. By Subway

Take an airport subway to the terminal (Dong Zhi Men Station), the fare is 26 CNY. Then change to Line 2 to Xi Zhi Men Station (2 CNY). Change again at Xi Zhi Men Station to Line 13 to Wu Dao Kou Station.

Take an airport subway to the San Yuan Qiao Station, the fare is 26 CNY. Then change to Line 10 to Zhi Chun Lu Station (2 CNY). Change again at Zhi Chun Lu Station to Line 13 to Wu Dao Kou Station.

From Wudaokou Station, you may walk or take a taxi to Tsinghua University or the hotel, the distance is around 1 km. The entire trip takes about 60 minutes.

Chinese information about marked places

  • Beijing Capital International Airport —— 首都国际机场

  • Zhong Guan Cun Airport Shuttle Bus Stop —— 机场大巴中关村站

  • Wu Dao Kou Station —— 五道口城铁站

  • San Yuan Qiao Station —— 三元桥地铁站(地铁机场线转地铁10号线)

  • Dong Zhi Men Station —— 东直门地铁站(地铁机场线转地铁2号线)

  • Xi Zhi Men Station —— 西直门地铁站(地铁2号线转城铁13号线)

  • Zhi Chun Lu Station —— 知春路城铁站(地铁10号线转城铁13号线)

(2). Transport between Conference Hall, Hotels and Nearby Locations

Conference Hall, Post Hall and THU Guest House are in Tsinghua University, and other hotels is around but near Tsinghua University, which is near Zhong Guan Cun Bus Stop and Wu Dao Kou Subway Station. Generally, transfer between the places by taxi is about 10 CNY.

Detailed map of the Tsinghua Campus (click on map for full size):

(Electronic Map)

Chinese information about marked places

I: Conference Hall —— 清华大学大礼堂

II: Poster Hall —— 清华大学综合体育馆


  • A: Wen Jin Hotel —— 文津国际酒店(海淀区清华科技园清华大学南门,
    Tel: +86-10-62525566)

  • B: Royal King Hotel —— 融金国际酒店(海淀区保福寺桥东南角 融金时代广场,
    Tel: +86-10-62589999)

  • C: Tsinghua Hotel —— 清华园宾馆(海淀区清华大学东门外成府路45号,
    Tel: +86-10-62573355)

  • D: THU Guest House (Jin Chun Yuan) —— 近春园

  • D: THU Guest House (Jia Suo) —— 甲所


  • Zhong Guan Cun Airport Bus Stop —— 机场大巴中关村站

  • Wu Dao Kou Subway Station —— 五道口城铁站

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