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Chalmers Home Page:    http://www.fy.chalmers.se/conferences/nt05/
MSU Mirror Site:    http://nanotube.msu.edu/nt05/

NT05: Sixth International Conference on
the Science and Application of Nanotubes

Göteborg University, Chalmers University
of Technology, and University College of Borås
(Gothenburg, Sweden)

June 26 - July 1, 2005

NT05 and CCTN05 Conference Map

How to find your way to the NT'05 and CCTN'05 conference?

... you will probably walk a lot, and hopefully enjoy this as a part of the sightseeing experience.

1:  2: 
3:  4: 

The important part of the map is shown here:

How to get from the NT'05 venue to the CCTN'05 site?

Follow the tram line along Achebergsgatan donwhill. You will see (1) a church in a park on the right hand side. (2) Turn right there, along Engelbrektsgatan, through a park. (3) Turn right on Götabergsgatan, were the park ends. The first house on the right is the (4) Studenternas Hus, at Götabergsgatan 17.

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3:  4: