Highlights in Small Systems
Open-Access Virtual Journal and Discussion Forum
A service of the Journal of Small Systems and the Cluster Science Network

  1. Mission of the Highlights in Small Systems
    1. Highlights in Small Systems is a service of the Journal of Small Systems. It is a Web-based open-access virtual journal, combined with a moderated, scientific discussion forum, covering the chemistry and physics of atomic, molecular, and ionic clusters, fullerenes, nanotubes, nanostructures and other small systems.
    2. Highlights in Small Systems introduce a new concept in communicating quality scientific results in an open-access environment by combining the accessibility of open-access resources, such as eprint archives, with strict quality control through a peer-review process, similar to conventional journals.
    3. Highlights in Small Systems introduce a non-anonymous, moderated discussion forum for each of the contributions as an integral feature, designed to foster two-way communication about research results.
    4. Using search-engine friendly meta-tags, Highlights in Small Systems enhance the visibility of key publications in the field of small systems.
  2. Quality Control by Peer Review
    1. Open-access resources nominated for inclusion in the Highlights in Small Systems are expected to represent key research results in the field.
    2. Quality control is facilitated by allowing an open discussion about the new insights, but also possible mis-conceptions, in the Discussion Forum. The most important research results from among the submissions are selected as Highlights in Small Systems in a non-anonymous peer review process.
    3. The non-anonymous peer review process in Highlights in Small Systems is strictly voluntary. No Referee is obliged to comment on 'uninteresting' or 'incorrect' manuscripts. Shortcomings of contributions are to be discussed in the Discussion Forum.
    4. Referee reports are signed, positive scientific endorsements of the work.
    5. Once three Referees have recommended a submitted contribution, it will be accepted as a Highlight in Small Systems. The three referee endorsements become associated with the selected contribution.
    6. Elected Highlights in Small Systems may carry the corresponding logo as a seal of quality.
  3. Policy of the Highlights in Small Systems
    1. Every registered scientist, active in the field of Small Systems, may nominate a publication, which he/she considers a Highlight in Small Systems.
    2. It is the responsibility of the nominating scientist to ensure that
      1. at least one of the authors has given his/her consent to the posting in the Highlights in Small Systems;
      2. an open-access, full text version of the publication is available online, with no time limitations;
      3. the open-access, full text version does not violate any copyrights or other laws.
    3. Every registered scientist may contribute to the Discussion Forum.
    4. Contributions to the Discussion Forum must be formulated in a purely scientific style. The Publishers and Editors reserve the right to edit contributions.
    5. The Publishers and Editors reserve the right to exclude contributors, who violate the above policy and/or misuse the Highlights in Small Systems.
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