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Highlight in Small Systems: Who should be given the credit for the discovery of carbon nanotubes?

posted 13.06.2006, 09:18 by David Tomanek

Marc Monthioux and Vladimir L. Kuznetsov: Who should be given the credit for the discovery of carbon nanotubes?, Carbon 44(9), 1621-1623, August 2006.

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Due to a unique combination of physical properties and potential applications, carbon nanotubes have evolved into one of the hottest research topics today. Most publications on nanotubes refer back to the article by Sumio Iijima, published in Nature 354 (1991) 56, which started the present "nanotube boom".
This article reviews some of the earlier publications, which reported likely synthesis and observation of nanotubes and related filamentous structures. The finite list of references will probably inspire further discussion. In spite of several inaccurate technical statements, this intriguing review makes a point by illustrating that a discovery often needs to await its time to cause a large societal impact.

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