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Invited Presentations

Transport in Carbon Nanotubes
Marc Bockrath, Harvard University

Carbon Nanotube and its Application to Nanoelectronics
Wonbong Choi, Samsung Suwon

Controlling the Electronic Properties of Carbon Nanotube Bundles
Phil Collins, IBM Yorktown Heights

Carbon Nanotube Molecular Wires: Recent Progress in Synthesis, Characterization and Devices
Hongjie Dai, Stanford University

Recent Transport and STM Results on Carbon Nanotubes
Cees Dekker, Delft University

Spin transport and Coulomb blockade in nanotubes
Reinhold Egger, Universität Freiburg

Molecule/SWNT Interactions: Effects on Electronic and Phonon Properties
Peter C. Eklund, University of Pennsylvania

Disorder and Pressure Effect on the Physical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes
Laszló Fórró, EPF Lausanne

The Optical Properties and Electronic Structure of SWCNT: Empty, Stuffed or Surrounded by Dopants
Mark Golden, IFW Dresden

Chemistry of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Robert C. Haddon, University of California at Riverside

When are Carbon Nanotubes Ballistic Conductors?
Walt A. de Heer, Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta

Thermal Properties and Quantized Phonon Spectrum of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Jim Hone, CalTech Pasadena

Single-wall graphite sheets as molecule adsorption
Sumio Iijima, Meijo University Tsukuba and NEC

Optical Properties of Fullerene- and Non-Fullerene-Peapods
Hiromichi Kataura, Tokyo Metropolitan University

CVD Synthesis of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on Aerogel Supported Catalyst
Jie Liu, Duke University Durham

Root Growth Mechanism for Single-Wall Nanotubes
Annick Loiseau, ONERA Chatillon

Theoretical Study of the Quantum Conductance of Nanotube Structures: Defects, Junctions, and Peapods
Steven G. Louie, University of California at Berkeley

Carbon Nanotube-Based Hybrid Materials
David Luzzi, University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia

Carbon Nanostructures: Growth, Electron Emission, Interactions with Hydrogen
Louis Schlapbach, Université Fribourg

Carbon Nanomaterials in Heterogeneous Cataylsis
Robert Schlögl, Fritz-Haber-Institut Berlin

Inorganic Nanotubes and Inorganic Fullerene-Like Materials of Metal Dichalcogenides
Reshef Tenne, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot

Novel Layered Nanomaterials: Controlled Synthesis, Electronic Properties and Applications
Mauricio Terrones, University of Sussex Brighton and UNAM

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After-Dinner Presentation

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Perspectives on the Role of Carbon Nanotube Research in the Worldwide Nanotechnolgy Initiative
Mildred Dresselhaus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Poster Presentations

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In alphabetical order by presenting/submitting author.


ATop of Poster Presentations

Multiwalled carbon nanotubes as nanoscale electronic devices
M. Ahlskog, R. Tarkiainen, L. Roschier, and P. Hakonen

Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of the SWNT Produced by the Controlled Catalytic Production Before and After Purification
F. Pompeo, L. Balzano, H. Barraza, J. E. Herrera, E. O'Rear, S. Dahl, W. E. Alvarez, D. E. Resasco

A study on the electrical transport in and between single-wall carbon nanotubes
J. Appenzeller, H. Stahl, B. Lengeler, R. Martel, Ph. Avouris

BTop of Poster Presentations

CVD grown Carbon Nanotube Tips for Atomic Force Microscopy
V. Barwich, R. Bennewitz, A. Baratoff and E. Meyer

Chiral-invariant electronic interactions in metallic carbon nanotubes
S. Bellucci

A controlled Arch Welding and Separation Processes for Carbon Nanotubes
Jeannette Benavides, Ashok Sharma and Harry Shaw

Theoretical studies of quantum transport, pyro- and piezo-electric effects and lithium intercalation
J. Bernholc, M. Buongiorno Nardelli, J.-L. Fattebert, V. Meunier, C. Roland, and Q. Zhao

Properties of fluorinated single-walled carbon nanotubes as derived from density functional computations
Holger F. Bettinger, Konstantin N. Kudin, Gustavo E. Scuseria

Room Temperature growth of Single Wall Coiled Carbon Nanotubes and Y-Branches
L. P. Biró, R. Ehlich, Z. Osváth, A. Koós, Z. E. Horváth and J. B.Nagy

Computational studies of catalysed nanotube growth
Kim Bolton and Arne Rosén

Electronic Transport in Multi - Walled Carbon Nanotubes
M.R. Buitelaar, M. Iqbal, T.Nussbaumer, L. Forró and C. Schönenberger

Defects in the catalytic multiwall carbon nanotubes
L.G. Bulusheva, A.V. Okotrub, I.P. Asanov, A. Fonseca and J. B. Nagy

New Opportunities Lead to New Roles for Science and Business
Silke Burkart and Silvester Schmidt

A New Hybrid Nanocomposite formed by Intercalation of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes into Epoxy Swelled Montmorillonite Clay
Peter Butzloff, Nandika Anne D'Souza, Yi Sun

CTop of Poster Presentations

Structural stability and electronic structure of boron nanotubes
D. Ceresoli, E. Tosatti

Polymer Forms of Single Wall Nanotubes
Leonid Chernozatonskii, Madhu Menon

Electronic transport and structure in carbon nanotube junctions
Hyoung Joon Choi, Jisoon Ihm, Young-Gui Yoon, Steven G. Louie, and Marvin L. Cohen

Transport of annealed MWCNT and its application to transistor device
Jaeuk Chu, Kwangseok Jeong, Eunju Bae, Wonbong Choi, Minho Yang and Seahn Song

Carbon nanotube based composites as electron injection layers in organic light emitting diodes
JN Coleman, P Fournet, A Drury, B Kilbride, HH Hoerhold and WJ Blau

Non-contact scanning force microscopy induced CVD: first attempts towards contacting nanotubes on an insulating substrate
M. D. Croitoru, A. Höchst, W. Clauss, S. Roth, D. P. Kern

DTop of Poster Presentations

Symmetry Principles of Friction --- Nanotubes
Milan Damnjanovic, Tatjana Vukovic and Ivanka Milosevic

Systematic study of carbon nanotubes static polarizabilities as a function of radius, length and helicity
M. Devel, Ch. Adessi

Field enhancement properties of carbon nanotubes
Ch. Adessi, M. Devel

Single Carbon Nanotube Raman Spectroscopy
M.S. Dresselhaus, Ado Jorio, G. Dresselhaus, and R. Saito

Field emission from individual carbon nanotubes: towards a high-brightness electron source
N. de Jonge, M.W. Kreijveld, and N.J. van Druten

Accurate density functional calculations of phonons in carbon nanotubes
Orest Dubay, Georg Kresse, Hans Kuzmany

Investigation of the growth mechanism of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes using high resolution electron microscopy
C. Ducati, M. Chhowalla, K.B.K. Teo, I. Alexandrou, N.L. Rupesinghe, G.A.J. Amaratunga, J. Robertson, W.I. Milne, A. Papworth, C.J. Kiely

ETop of Poster Presentations

Vanadium Oxide Nanotubes as Cathode Materials in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Kristina Edström, Sara Nordlinder, Torbjörn Gustafsson, Jun Lu and Eva Olsson

Curvature and Hybridization Effects in Carbon Nanotubes
Alex Kleiner and Sebastian Eggert

MOCVD Approach to Aligned Isolated Carbon Nanotubes. Materials for Cold Cathode Field Emitters
J. J. Schneider, J. Engstler, G. Mueller, B. Guenther

FTop of Poster Presentations

SWNTs modified by selective nanoparticle attachment
Y.Fan, S.Kooi, U.Schlecht, M.Burghard, K.Kern

Simultaneous determination of inclusion crystallography and nanotube conformation for a Sb2O3:SWNT composite
S. Friedrichs, R.R. Meyer, J. Sloan, A.I. Kirkland, J.L. Hutchison, M.L.H. Green

Electronic transport in ultra-clean single-walled carbon nanotubes
M. S. Fuhrer, A. Bachtold, M. Forero, A. Zettl, Paul L. McEuen

GTop of Poster Presentations

Synthesis and characterization of single-walled carbon nanotubes/polymer network composites
H. Goering, H.-E. Maneck, U. Knoll, S. Gajewski, K.-W. Brzezinka, R. Mach, H.-D. Klotz, A. Schönhals, J.F. Friedrich

BN and B/N-doped C nanotubes: synthesis, structure, properties and applications
Dmitri Golberg and Yoshio Bando

HTop of Poster Presentations

Multiwalled carbon nanotube: Luttinger liquid or not?
R. Tarkiainen, M. Ahlskog, J. Penttil, L. Roschier, P. Hakonen, M. Paalanen, and E. Sonin

Conductance of multi-wall carbon nanotubes
Anders Hansson, Magnus Paulsson, and Sven Stafström

Real Space Imaging of Interfering Bloch Waves on Carbon Nanotubes at Room Temperature
A. Hassanien, P. Umek, A. Mrzel, M.Tokumoto and D. Mihailovic

Anderson localization in metallic carbon nanotubes
M. Hjort and S. Stafström

The Chemistry of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Michael Holzinger and Andreas Hirsch

Isotope effects of CH4 in synthesis of single-walled and multi-walled carbon nanotube by thermal chemical vapor deposition
Fumiyuki Hoshi, Takefumi Ishikura, Kei Kikuchi, Akiko Goto, Satoshi Ohshima, Motoo Yumura, Yoshinori Koga, Shuzou Fujiwara

ITop of Poster Presentations

Field-dependent secondary electron emission from MgO-deposited carbon nanotubes
Jisoon Ihm, Youngmi Cho and Gunn Kim

JTop of Poster Presentations

Optical absorption study of rate-limiting processes in the laser evaporation synthesis of single-wall carbon nanotubes
O. Jost, A.A. Gorbunov, W. Pompe, X. Liu, M.S. Golden, and J. Fink

KTop of Poster Presentations

Barrier formation in electrical contacts between metal and multi-wall carbon nanotube
A. Kanda, K. Tsukagoshi, Y. Ootuka, and Y. Aoyagi

BN substituted carbon compounds: A theoretical study
Tapas Kar, J. Pattanayak and S. Scheiner

Theoretical investigation on the insertion of Li+ into Carbon Nanotubes
Tapas Kar, Jayasree Pattanayak and Steve Scheiner

Direct nano - bridging of carbon nanotube using growth barrier for nanoelectronics : a possible mechanism of selective lateral growth and observation of field effect
Dong-Ho Kim, Yun-Hi Lee, Yoon-Taek Jang, Chang-Woo Lee, Chang-Hoon Choi, Eun-Kyu Kim, Byeong-Kwon Ju,Jae-Eun Lee, Young-Soo Hahn, Sang-Soo Yoon, Jin-Koog Shin, Sung-Tae Kim

Band gap modification by circumferentially perturbing potentials in carbon nanotubes
Yong-Hyun Kim and K. J. Chang

Effects of a perpendicular magnetic field on the nanotube conductivity
Alex Kleiner and Sebastian Eggert

Electrochemical Modification of Carbon Nanotubes
S. Kooi, Y. Fan, U. Schlecht, M. Burghard, K. Kern

Tribo-Effects in Nanotubes
Petr Král

LTop of Poster Presentations

Excitonic-Insulating States in Carbon Nanotubes
Freek Langeveld and Gerrit E. W. Bauer

Oxidation in air of CCVD and laser-ablation carbon nanotubes
A. Peigney, E. Hallberg, R. Bacsa, Ch. Laurent

A Study of the Formation of Single- and Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by a CVD Method
A. Ch. Laurent, A. Peigney, P. Coquay, S. Rul, E. Flahaut, E. De Grave, R. E. Vandenberghe, W. S. Bacsa, A. Rousset

Growth Mechanism of Bamboo-shaped Carbon Nanotubes using Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition
C. J. Lee, T. J. Lee, S. C. Lyu, and J. E. Yoo

Electrical transport properties in multi-wall carbon nanotube p-p hetero-junction
J.-O. Lee, H. Oh, J. -R. Kim, K.C. Kang, and J.J. Kim, J. Kim , J. W. Park, K.H.Yoo

Hydrogen Storage Mechanism in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Seung Mi Lee, Young Hee Lee, Gotthard Seifert, and Thomas Frauenheim

Application of carbon nanotubes to energy storages
Y. H. Lee, K. H. An, S. M. Lee, W. S. Kim, K. G. Jeon, Y. S. Park, J. M. Moon

Temperature dependence of field effect function of a direct bridged CNT between ferromagnetic electrodes:Ni as both catalyst and contact electrode
Yun-Hi Lee, Dong-Ho Kim, Yoon-Taek Jang, Chang-Woo Lee, Chang-Hoon Choi, Eun-Kyu Kim, Byeong-Kwon Ju, Jae-Eun Lee, Young-Soo Hahn, Sang-soo Yoon, Jin- Koog Shin, Sung-Tae Kim

Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes Grown on Metallic Substrates
F. Kreupl, A. Graham, E. Unger, M. Liebau, W. Hönlein

Electronic structure of pristine, fullerene-filled and intercalated SWCNT from high resolution EELS in transmission
X. Liu, T. Pichler, M. Knupfer, M. S. Golden, J. Fink, D. Walters, M. J. Bronikowski, R. E. Smalley, and H. Kataura

Transformation of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube ropes into Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes
Maria J. Lopez, Angel Rubio, Julio A. Alonso, Sylvie Bonnamy

MTop of Poster Presentations

Comparison of Diameter Distribution of SWCNT Bundles as Analyzed by Scanning Probe Microscopy and by Raman Measurements
M.Mannsberger, H.Kuzmany, W.Planck, T.Pichler, A.Grüneis

Ab initio calculation of the absorption and energy-loss spectra of a bundle of carbon nanotubes
A. G. Marinopoulos, Lucia Reining, Angel Rubio and Valerio Olevano

Single wall nanotube field-effect transistors and logic circuits
R. Martel, V. Derycke, C. Lavoie, P. Wong, and Ph. Avouris

High Volume Production of Vapor Grown Carbon Nanofibers
Xinhe Tang, Erich Leister, Ernst Hammel, Christian Nagl and Klaus Mauthner

Electronic Transport Behaviour in Carbon Nanotube Ropes
G. C. McIntosh, G. T. Kim and Y. W. Park

Synthesis of soluble single-walled carbon nanotube derivatives
E. Menna, F. Della Negra, M. Cavallaro, M. Maggini, G. Scorrano, M. Meneghetti, F. Paolucci, M. Battagliarin

Raman imaging of chemically modified individual Carbon Nanotubes
A. Mews, C. Jiang, T. Schuessler, F. Koberling, T. Basché, G. Philipp,M. Burghard

Plasmon Excitations in Isolated SWCNT
I. Milosevic, T. Vukovic, S. Dmitrovic, M. Damnjanovic

Interwall interaction and charge redistribution in double-wall carbon nanotubes
Yoshiyuki Miyamoto, Susumu Saito, and David Tománek

Dynamics of Low Energy Optical Excitations in SWNTS: Cooling of a Laser Heated Electron Gas and Non-Equilibrium Effects
G. Moos, R. Fasel and T. Hertel

NTop of Poster Presentations

Visible Emissions of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Formed in Zeolite Crystals
N. Nagasawa, I. Kudryashov, and Z. K. Tang

Wave-Vector Conservation and Electric Transport through Crossed Carbon Nanotube
Takeshi Nakanishi and Tsuneya Ando

One-Dimensional Localization in Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
F. Nihey, T. Ichihashi, M. Yudasaka, and S. Iijima

Length measurements and dispersion of isolated single-wall carbon
Pavel Nikolaev, Sivaram Arepalli, William Holmes, and Bradley Files

Iron Catalyst Chemistry in High Pressure Carbon Monoxide Nanotube Reactor
Carl D. Scott, Pavel Nikolaev Alexander Povitsky, Chris Dateo, Tahir Gokcen, Richard E. Smalley

Kondo effect in carbon nanotube quantum dots
Jesper Nygĺrd, David H. Cobden und Poul Erik Lindelof

OTop of Poster Presentations

Reversible Water-Solubilization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Polymer Wrapping
Michael J. O’Connell, Peter Boul, Lars M. Ericson, Chad Huffman, Yuhuang Wang, Erik Haroz, Kevin D. Ausman, and Richard E. Smalley

Fluorinated single-wall carbon nanotubes
A.V. Okotrub, N.F. Yudanov, L.G. Bulusheva, A.I. Romanenko

PTop of Poster Presentations

A Density Functional Theory Study of Single Wall Nanotubes
Ruth Pachter, Zhiqiang Wang, W. Wade Adams

Electrical transport in nanotubes with realistic contacts: An ab-initio study
J. J. Palacios, A. J. Perez-Jimenez, E. Louis, and J. A. Verges

TEM and SFM investigation of single walled carbon nanotubes grown by CVD between microprinted catalyst islands
G. Philipp, G. Gu, X. Wu, M. Burghard, A. Bittner and S. Roth

Charge Transfer in Potassium Doped C60 Peapods from Resonance Raman Scattering
T. Pichler, W. Plank, A. Grüneis, H. Kuzmany, H. Kataura, Y. Achiba

QTop of Poster Presentations

Identification and Properties of 4A Smallest Carbon Nanotubes
Lu-Chang Qin, Xinluo Zhao, Kaori Hirahara, Yoshiyuki Miyamoto, Yoshinori Ando, Sumio Iijima

RTop of Poster Presentations

Hydrogen storage in carbon nanotubes: A neutron scattering investigation
B. Renker, S. Lebedkin, H. Schober, M. Koza, M.M. Kappes

Highly Selective Catalyst for Synthesis of SWNT by CO disproportionation
J. E. Herrera, L. Balzano, W. E. Alvarez, D. E. Resasco

Cost-effective Controlled Production of Single-Walled Nanotubes
W. E. Alvarez, L. Balzano, J. E. Herrera, D. E. Resasco

Multiwalled-carbon nanotubes as non-ballistic conductors
F. Triozon, A. Rubio, D. Mayou and S. Roche

Quantum interferences in carbon nanotubes
F. Triozon, A. Rubio and S. Roche

Influence of Length on the Electrical Transport into Metallic, Semiconducting, and M-S Junction Carbon Nanotubes
Alain Rochefort, Massimiliano Di Ventra and Phaedon Avouris

Growth and properties of CVD-grown carbon nanotube films
F. Rohmund, R.-E. Morjan, M. Sveningsson, O.A. Nerushev, A. Gromov, L.K.L. Falk, E.E.B. Campbell

Transport and magnetic properties of brominated multiwall carbon nanotubes
A.I. Romanenko, A.V. Okotrub, Cheng DONG, Yongming NI, O.B. Anikeeva, L.G. Buluseva, N.F. Yudanov

Light Emission from Carbon Nanotubes
J.S Lauret, C. Delalande, Ph. Roussignol, A. Filoramo, J.N. Patillon, A.M. Bonnot, M. Chaumont, T. Fournier, L. Pontonnier, S. Roche, S. Landis

STop of Poster Presentations

Boron Nanotubes: A Theoretical Study
Susumu Saito and Koichiro Umemoto

Carbon-Nanofibre-filled thermoplastic composites
Jan Sandler, Milo Shaffer, Jacek Nastalczyk, Christian Keun

Nanoring formation by ring-closure reactions of carbon nanotubes
M. Sano, A. Kamino, J. Okamura, S. Shinkai

A neutron scattering investigation of the pressure-induced structural changes and low frequency excitations in SWNT bundles
J. L. Sauvajol, S. Rols and R. Almairac

Raman studies of alkali-doping of SWNT
J.-L. Sauvajol, N. Bendiab, A. Zahab, E. Anglaret

Scaling laws for van der Waals interaction of hollow nanoparticles
U. S. Schwarz and S. A. Safran

On the Stability and Formation of Nanotubes
G. Seifert

Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes and Nanofibres under Hydrostatic Pressure by Laser-Raman-Spectroscopy
Milo Shaffer, Jan Sandler, Miguel Montes, Carole Cooper, Alexander Kalabushkin, Karl Schulte, Alan H. Windle, Robert J. Young

Nanotechnology Initiative at Goddard Space Flight Center - Fabrication, Analysis, Applications, Partners, Future Directions
J. Benavides, H. Leidecker, H. Shaw, D.M. Preston

STM Study of a Grain Boundary in Graphite
P. Simonis, C. Goffaux, P. A. Thiry, L.P. Biro and V. Meunier

Nonlinear optics of intense ultrashort light pulses in carbon nanotubes
G.Ya. Slepyan, A.A. Khrushchinskii, S.A. Maksimenko, V.P. Kalosha, and J. Herrmann

Linear electrodynamics of carbon nanotubes
S.A. Maksimenko, G.Ya. Slepyan, A. Lakhtakia, and O.M. Yevtushenko

Gas phase synthesis of SWNT in an atmospheric pressure plasma jet
Olivier Smiljanic, Barry L. Stansfield, Jean-Pol Dodelet, Alessandra Serventi

Scrolls and Nested Structures in Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes
Shekhar Subramoney, Gerry Lavin, Rodney Ruoff, David Tománek, Savas Berber

Nano-EELS diagnoses of hybrid nanotubes, nanocoils, and nanocables
K. Suenaga

TTop of Poster Presentations

Xenon adsorption on the outer surface of closed ended SWNT bundles
S.Talapatra, N.Dolan and A.D.Migone

Adsorption studies of Xenon on carbon nanohorns
A.J.Zambano,W.Mcmillin,S.Talapatra,G.Shaugnessey and A.D. Migone

Hollow nanoparticles of WS2 as superior solid lubricant
L. Rapoport, V. Leshzinsky, I. Lapsker, M. Lvovsky, Yu. Volovik, R. Rosentsveig, Y. Fedman and R. Tenne

Resonant tunneling in carbon nanotubes in presence of two tunneling junctions
M. Thorwart, M. Grifoni, H.W. Ch. Postma, and C. Dekker

Formation mechanism and packing of nanotube peapods
Savas Berber, Mina Yoon, and David Tománek

Scroll-to-nanotube transformation: The zipper mechanism
Savas Berber and David Tománek

Electron beam identification and machining of novel hybrid nanotubular structures
Trasobares S. Stephan O. C. Colliex, G. Hug, W.K.Hsu, H.W.Kroto, D.R.M. Walton

WTop of Poster Presentations

Application of Partitioned Real-Space Density Functional Method to Field Evaporation from Carbon Nanotubes
N. Nakaoka, K. Tada, and K. Watanabe

Nanotube Sensors for the Detection of Failures within Integrated Circuits
Glenn Wright, Marek Zgol, Susanna Keeton

Broken Symmetry, Boundary Conditions, and Band Gap Oscillations in Finite Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
C.S. Jayanthi, L. Liu, and S. Y. Wu

Structural and Electronic Properties of a Carbon Nanotorus: Effects of Extended Vs Local Deformations
S.Y. Wu, L. Liu, and C.S. Jayanthi

YTop of Poster Presentations

Electronic and Mechanical Properties of Hydrogen Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes
Liu Yang, Richard Jaffe, Jie Han

Field emission energy distribution for an undergated triode CNT-FED
Sunghwan Jin, Whikun Yi, SeGi Yu, Jungho Kang, Taewon Jeong, Jeonghee Lee, Jungna Heo, Yongsoo Choi, Wonseok Kim, Y.H. Lee, and J.M. Kim

Gas adsorption property of single-wall carbon nanohorns
K. Murata, K. Kaneko, D. Kasuya, K. Takahashi, F. Kokai, M. Yudasaka, and S. Iijima

Formation mechanism of single-wall carbon nanotubes and single-wall carbon nanohorns
M. Yudasaka, Y. Kasuya, D. Kasuya, F. Kokai, K. Takahashi, S. Iijma