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CCTN09: Fifth International Symposium on
Computational Challenges and Tools for Nanotubes

Beijing, China
June 20, 2009
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CCTN09 Program Page

8:00-8:15 Registration
8:15-8:30 Opening Remarks: From CCTN05 to CCTN08

Keynote lecture:
8:30-9:15Haiping Fang A charge-driven molecular water pump

Invited talks:
9:15-9:50 Andres Ayuela Substitutional Metal Atoms in Graphene: Vacancy States Versus Metal Bonding
9:50-10:25 Arkady V. Krasheninnikov Simulations of irradiation-induced effects in carbon nanomaterials

Tea Break:
10:15-11:00 Tea Break

Invited talks:
11:00-11:35 Leonor Chico Carbon nanoelectronics: unzipping carbon nanotubes into graphene nanoribbons

Lunch Break:
11:15-13:00 Lunch Break

Contributed talks:
13:00-13:12Giorgio Lanzani NH3 adsorption and dissociation on a nanosized iron cluster
13:12-13:24Irina V. Lebedeva First-principles based kinetic modelling of growth of carbon nanotubes
13:24-13:36Iann C. Gerber DFT study of the acid attack on carbon nanotube walls
13:36-13:48Jian-Ming Lu Molecular Dynamics Simulation on the Dynamical Behavior of the Water Monomer inside a Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube
13:48-14:00Andrzej Burian Structural studies of carbon nanohorns by neutron and X-ray diffraction
14:00-14:12Lukasz Hawelek Structural studies of N-doped multi-wall carbon nanotubes by high-energy X-ray diffraction

Tea Break:
14:12-15:00 Tea Break

Contributed talks:
15:00-15:12 Hong Liu Electrical Properties of the Deformed Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors
15:12-15:24Zeila Zanolli Defective carbon nanotubes: magnetism, spin transport and gas sensing applications
15:24-15:36Alireza Nojeh First-principles calculation of the effect of adsorbates on field-emission current from single-walled carbon nanotubes
15:36-15:48Alister J Page Zigzag Grows Faster Than Armchair: Comparisons of SWNT Growth From Self-Consistent-Charge Density-Functional Tight-Binding Molecular Dynamics Simulations
15:48-16:00Lizhao Liu Mechanical properties and quantum conductance of carbon nanocoils
16:00-16:12Santos Hernan Interface states in achiral carbon nanotube junctions: rolling up graphene

16:12-17:00 Iann C. Gerber Influence of nitrogen doping on the radial breathing mode in carbon nanotubes
16:30-17:00 Irina V. Lebedeva Multi-level modelling of NEMS based on carbon nanostructures