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NT09: Tenth International Conference on
the Science and Application of Nanotubes

Beijing, China
June 21-26, 2009
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Visa Support

Everybody entering China must bring a valid passport. Most foreign participants must also acquire an entry visa issued by a Chinese consulate in his/her country. Plan well ahead of time, since issuing entry visa may take weeks. In general, the applicant must apply in person.

After you have paid the registration fee, please complete the "Incoming Overseas Scholars Application Form for Visa F" and send it to The organizers will then provide you with an invitation letter, which you can use for your visa application. For additional details, please contact the Chinese Embassy or Consulate, where you wish to apply for your visa.

Note to participants from Taiwan:
需要您發送一份中文簡歷到, 簡歷內容包括: 姓名, 性別, 工作單位, 聯繫方式, 不同時間的任職與教育情況, 以及發表的相關論文等事宜。